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Fit for the future work 2008 and 2007

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What HOSC did (2008)

HOSC evidence gathering meetings (2007)

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PCTs' consultation programme (2007)

Additional option - Option 5 (2007)

Additional options - Recommendations for consultation on East Sussex maternity services report from East Sussex Maternity Service Liaison Committee (2007)


What HOSC did in 2008

November 2008 - HOSC started monitoring East Sussex PCTs plans to implement the recommendations of the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP). The plans detailed the approach PCTs are taking in managing its programme of work on maternity services to maintain two consultant led maternity units. Click here for the plan published in October 2008.

4 September 2008 - Secretary of State accepts recommendations from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) which does not support the PCTs' proposals to reconfigure consultant led maternity special care baby services and inpatient gynaecology services from Eastbourne DGH to the Conquest Hospital at Hastings. Secretary of State's letter and recommendations.

Independent Reconfiguration Panel link to its maternity services report published 4 September 2008

August 2008 - IRP review of the proposals and their report submitted to the Secretary of State.

March 2008 - HOSC referred East Sussex Primary Care Trusts' decision to have a single site for obstetrics, special baby care and in-patient gynaecology services in Hastings and a midwife-led-unit in Eastbourne to the Secretary of State.

Click here for the referral letter and accompanying evidence.


At HOSC on 28th January 2008, members voted against the PCTs' case. The PCTs had 28 days to respond to the committee's decision to refer the proposals to the Secretary of State. Following the PCTs response, HOSC confirmed the Committee's intention to make a referral to the Secretary of State. Click here for both the PCTs response and HOSC's 3rd March 2008 letter to the PCTs.

HOSC supported the PCTs' decision to improve antenatal care and outreach services in the county, especially in deprived areas.

Statement (30th January 2008) on HOSC decision and referral to Secretary of State - click here

The PCT Boards voted on 20th December 2007 to establish a single site maternity service. The Boards also agreed to accept all HOSC's recommendations, many of which were reflected in the conditions attached to the Boards' decision on the location of the services. The Boards also voted to strengthen ante and post natal care, specifically the development of further community outreach services.

East Sussex PCTs'‘Fit for the Future' proposals for the future configuration of health services public consultation ended in July 2007.

The main specific proposals for change outlined in the consultation relate to services for childbirth, special baby care and inpatient gynaecology. The PCTs put forward four options, but confirmed to HOSC that they would look at any alternative options put forward during the consultation and assess these in the same way as their own proposals.

HOSC undertook a full, balanced examination of the available evidence, and considered a range of opinions on the proposals before formulating its response to the PCTs.

HOSC ran a series of evidence gathering meetings around the county where key individuals and organisations gave their perspective on the proposals and answered questions from HOSC members on specific elements.

HOSC report on the PCTs proposals was published on 16th October 2007. Click here for a copy of the 58 page report. For a paper copy, contact Sam White, Scrutiny Support Officer on 01273 481581 or email


HOSC evidence gathering meetings held in 2007:

For agenda and papers go to agendas page.

Thursday 17 May 2007, Gold Room, Winter Garden, Eastbourne.
Thursday 7 June, 2007, Sussex Hall, White Rock Theatre, Hastings
Friday 22 June 2007, Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes

Wednesday 25 July 2007, Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes

Friday 21 September 2007, Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes

HOSC agreed its Fit for the Future recommendations at the meeting on Wednesday 10th October 2007, Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes


Have you got a question about Fit for the Future?

Please send these in to Sam White by email or post to him at East Sussex County Council, Room C6F, County Hall, St Anne's Crescent, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1SW.


PCTs' consultation programme

East Sussex Downs and Weald and Hastings and Rother Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) held a series of public meetings through the consultation period.

Click here for the programme of public meetings. The consultation ended 27th July 2007.

Click here for the PCTs public consultation document 'Creating an NHS fit for the future' (47 pages)

Fit for the Future website -


Additional option

Click here for 'Option 5 - saving lives' consultation document (16 pages) from the Hands of the Conquest Campaign Group


Additional options

Click here for this report - Recommendations for consultation on East Sussex maternity services report from East Sussex Maternity Service Liaison Committee







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