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Frequently Asked questions

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How can members of the public and patients be involved in the work of HOSC?

Members of the public and patients (when appropriate) are consulted on health issues and matters that HOSC review. Several methods are used to seek public opinion. These methods include questionnaires, focus groups, web-site consultations, direct interviews, through requests and appeals for information in the papers, television and radio. HOSC also checks that the public has been consulted when an NHS body is undertaking a substantial development of the services in East Sussex. Members of the public can also attend the meetings of HOSC to hear what is going on. HOSC meetings are webcast. HOSC agendas and minutes are public documents.

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Do voluntary organisations have a say in the work of HOSC?

East Sussex HOSC links with the countywide voluntary organisations group who provide two of its members as advisors and non-voting members of the committee. HOSC also has a representative from East Sussex Local Involvement Network (LINk) who is a non-voting member. At the same time whenever a review is taking place the appropriate voluntary organisations are consulted individually.

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Is HOSC politically controlled or biased?

East Sussex HOSC has 12 elected members with voting rights drawn from the County Council and the five District and Boroughs. There is no overall political majority. This ensures the committee is balanced and is truly working to a health improvement agenda for all people in East Sussex and not that determined by one political party. HOSC is not answerable to the East Sussex Cabinet or County Council. Any report produced by HOSC will go directly to the NHS bodies concerned.

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How are the District and Boroughs involved in health scrutiny?

Each District and Borough has one elected member on HOSC chosen by them. There is no other committee like this one that can scrutinise and investigate the health interests of the whole population of East Sussex. District and Borough representatives enjoy the same the same voting rights and opportunities to contribute as county council elected members on HOSC.

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How much is health scrutiny costing?

The current budget (2008/2009) for HOSC is 65,700. Each of the District and Borough councils have contributed 5,475 towards these costs.

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What is the legislation surrounding this function?

For details of the legislation and guidance go to the following links:

Local Government Act 2000

Health & Social Care Act 2001, sections 7 - 10

Statutory instrument 2002 No 3048 The Local Authority (Overview and Scrutiny Committee Health Scrutiny Functions) Regulations 2002

Overview and Scrutiny of Health Guidance D o H

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