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The Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) was set up in October 2003 as a result of a central government initiative aiming to involve the public in improving local health services.

The HOSC can scrutinise (carry out an independent check on) any local health services provided and commissioned through the NHS as well as those provided by local authorities.

Our focus is upon health improvement in the widest sense - building on the power of local authorities to promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing.

What is the Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee?

  1. It involves the public in decision-making about health services - focusing on the needs of the community in East Sussex, and enabling people to be as involved as they want to be.
  2. It has been introduced because of the way it will benefit East Sussex - aiming for a tangible, continual improvement in health and wellbeing throughout the county.
  3. It aims to reduce health inequalities - by trying to make sure that health services in East Sussex are fairly and equally provided to everyone.