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Introduction from the Chairman

The HOSC plays a vibrant and positive strategic role in the East Sussex community. Since its establishment in October 2003, the reports produced and the responses that the committee has given to both local and national consultation exercises, have demonstrated the influence the committee has had in improving health services across East Sussex.

Health overview and scrutiny is not just an investigative or critical friend role. The HOSC seeks to build confidence and a sense of well being in the health and social care services across East Sussex. There will always be many views of health and these will, to some extent, reflect a local area and personal experiences. Praising what is good is as important as seeking to improve performance or to correct failures. I believe that the HOSC achieves this balance.

The HOSC recognises the importance of effective communications with its partners in local government, the NHS and the voluntary sector. East Sussex borders are not coterminous with those of our local primary care trusts. As a result, the committee has established links with ten patient and public involvement forums, five primary care trusts and five NHS trusts serving the immediate local needs of East Sussex residents. Further links with out-of-county partners and health service providers across the South East continue to be developed.

As the NHS and local government develop new joint services, and health services are modernised and delivered to the public in new and innovative ways, the HOSC will be watching carefully to ensure that quality healthcare is provided for the residents of East Sussex.

This website keeps you informed of current work and shows the progress of reviews. Please explore our pages further. Spend a few minutes to tell us about your health concerns in the your view section.

I hope that you will find it useful.

Councillor Sylvia Tidy
Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee