Our first review was on Patients’ Choices and Access to Services. This is now into its second phase and is examining:

  • GP appointment systems
  • Whether targets for access are being met
  • The role of the PCT and the role of Patient and Public Involvement Forums in performance monitoring.
  • Preliminary Review report

The second review examined the ways of combating alcohol, tobacco, drugs and substance misuse with a particular focus on young people. Alcohol and substance misuse is one of the key health concerns in East Sussex.

The third review is on carers and is concentrating on the following areas:

  • Carers' assessment
  • Hospital admission and discharge issues
  • Recognition of carers by GPs

Future planned work includes reviews on:

Services for older people
Future of mental health in East Sussex
Ambulance services
Community hospitals
NHS Dentistry

We will also look at any Health organisations’ plans for big changes to services in East Sussex when these occur.